Best purchase this year

I had been hoping for sometime, someone would come up with a PS3 controller with bluetooth connection, duel shock and autofire built in, and I finally found one at bestbuy yesterday.  The brand is Rocketfish, it’s basically by futureshop, when you look at the controller, it looks more like a xbox controller more than a PS3 one, but I do like the analog stick is on the top instead of the bottom.  The only draw back is the battery life of the controller is shorter compare to a regular PS3 dual shock controller by almost half, I guess it is because of the autofire drains the battery a lot.  But to me, it’s perfectly alright and now I can be a lazy ass, play the games like Dynasty Warrior Gundam, and 2 recent purchased games Finally Fantasy 13 and God of war with autofire  WOOT!!!  :p  If you are lazy like me and had been looking for something like this, go to bestbuy or futureshop, you should be able to get one 😀  Here are a couple of pictures of the controller 😀

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