Chinese New Year gathering Dinner with old friends (Logic)

I was invited to Cherry’s place for the Chinese New Year gathering Dinner,  of course from time to time, my ex co-workers from Logic would have gatherings either at Doris, Tony or Cherry’s place.  Every time when we have a gathering, we would have a blast for sure 😀  We spent hours chatting to each other, updating everything that was going on in our lifes for hours.  Oh and it was my first time seeing Cherry’s second daughter as well :p  Anyways, they liked the cake I made so I am super happy 😀 and the food was awesome 😀  well, consider someone that doesn’t cook that much can cook something for us (points at Cherry), I was like Wooh!!!!  And check out Bernice’s outfit, isn’t she cute :p

check out my facebook album here for more fun at the dinner

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