Blue Microphones Yeti Professional USB Microphone

For most of the people that plays World of Warcraft knows that when we raid, we need to use some voice chat software to communicate to each other and most players just use headsets with mics or just some built in microphones on their webcams or laptops.  As a Wow player myself, I even have wireless headsets and bluetooth headsets with microphone built in and still, I don’t feel comfortable on my ears while I play.  So I decided to get this Blue Microphones Yeti Professional USB Microphone which I wanted to get a long time ago.  Call me crazy but I was totally amazed by its sound quality and don’t forget, people use this mic to do studio recording as well :p  Anyways, for your information, here is their website if you are interested to know more details on this awesome microphone 😀  So if you call me on skype, MSN, gtalk etc.  you will be hearing my super nice voice.  Hehehe 😀

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