Lang Lang 101 Pianists Workshop

Finally, got a chance to see the Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang in person at Roy Thomson Hall, thanks to my best friend Karen :D, thank you thank you!!!.  Anyways, Lang Lang’s tour this time was for a few days of different themes and the one I went to on Sunday was called 101 Pianists Workshop.  Seriously, there were 100 pianists from age 6-16 on the stage with Lang Lang.  It was pretty amazing to listen to 101 pianists playing at the same time really, think about how rare you would have a chance to listen to that 😀 and of course listening to the super talented Lang Lang solo was super amazing as well 🙂  Here are a few pictures I took, please don’t blame me for Lang Lang being soo small because my seat was quite far away from the stage :p

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