Camera test – NEX 5N

Had to do some low light camera test with my NEX-5N since I heard soo many good things about it so I headed to Sunny and Karry’s house to do some tests since they have soo many things I can take pictures of, like their Christmas village display :p I love almost every part of the camera but a little not satisfied with the low brightness of some pictures.  The noise in high ISO is pretty good, with the Anti Blur mode which takes 6 shots in 1 sec then combine them all as one picture is pretty amazing.  Camera itself is super light, very handy to carry it around town.  To top the regular still shots test, took a few pictures with Brownie (Karry’s cat) with her speedy movements.  I am actually pretty happy with the results overall, maybe you guys should consider getting one as well :p

P.S.  I did adjust the brightness a little bit using photoshop, nothing else but surprisingly, the noise/clarity of the photos after the adjustment is pretty good 😀

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