Caribbean Cruise Experience (Oasis of the Seas)

at the back of the ship (Oasis of the Seas)

at the back of the ship (Oasis of the Seas)

Being on the world’s biggest cruise ship “Oasis of the Seas” was quite enchanting and fun, on the other hand, the hot and humid weather drained us pretty good (in a good way) and most of the time we only got 7 or fewer hours to sleep :p.  The whole west Caribbean trip was a 7-day trip which includes the destinations Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico, so packing was quite challenging especially being a first timer on a cruise.  After the whole experience, we have learned and seen a lot so I will try to put everything into words below so people know the details.

– Sun protection is a must, I brought 2 bottles of regular sunblock, used them all in 7 days but bring sun to protect lip balm as well (which I didn’t bring…)

– Cash, brought $400 USD, ended up using only about $200 for alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee beans.  A credit card was already bound to your sea pass so nothing else needed cash; -D

– Was told a lot of different stories about the drinking water on board like bring our own bottles and stuffs like that, but what we ended up doing was buying the Pop package because it would make everything much much easier. We figured carrying a bottle to everywhere you go is heavy since we had shit loads of things in the bags already (camera, sun block/lotions, wallet, sandals/shoes, towel, etc.)

– Not including the stuff I was wearing the first day, I brought 6 t-shirts, 2 tanks, 4 shorts, 8 underwear, 8 pairs of socks, 2 sandals, 1 extra pair of casual shoes, 1 pair of dressed shoes, 1 suit, 2 dressed shirts and 1 tie.  What I ended up not using the most was the socks, only half was used since most of the time we were wearing sandals.  I also regretted not bringing enough tank tops because t-shirts are just not cool enough for the weather :p

– Brought 2 cameras, but ended up using only one…

The food everywhere on the ship was very good, mostly free unless you want to try some of the speciality restaurants, which we did 😀

Here is what we did the whole trip below…

Day 1 – flight, boarding, tons of exploring of the ship, watched the show “Oasis Dreams”

Day 2 – on the ship the whole day, enjoying the sun and pools a lot, watched the show “Hair Spray” late afternoon and dressed dinner at night

Day 3 – Snorkeling and jet skiing at Haiti, super bright sun, smart causal dining, casino and some drinking at night

Day 4 – Best of Jamaica, more walking, boating and sun 😀  Umm… maybe a little shopping :-p

Day 5 – on board the whole day again, more sun most of the day, dressed dining at night again plus a few more exploring of the ship

Day 6 – Mexico, a shit load of walking at the runes and a very relaxing beautiful beach

Day 7 – on the way back to Ft. Lauderdale so more sun and fun on board (zip line, flow rider etc.)

Day 8 – flight back…

Overall, I didn’t expect the whole trip was actually quite tiring, especially on our day 6 at Mexico, even drank lots of water and still felt like it wasn’t enough.  Anyways, I took a total of 1319 pictures so here are some highlights 😀

P.S.  I just picked a few here randomly because there are just too many :-p  For full albums, please check out my facebook links here Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7&8Panoramic view and Cruise Pictures taken by cruise staffs

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