Some people might have seen these before because they were originally from Japan but you know what, they are here in North America now!!! Nanoblock is the smallest block toy in the world. This amazingly small micro-sized block makes it possible to create more detailed and even smaller projects than what can be made with standard sized blocks. Nanoblock is a stimulating and entertaining hobby material for everybody, especially for grown-ups. The smaller it is, the more realistic the work becomes!!!

I always wanted to get these a long time ago when they were only available online from Japan or Hong Kong, but they are available now in a few places in Toronto.  Not to mention I have a USS Enterprise nanoblock on the way and I am still looking forward to getting a few different ones, still looking tho 😛  Thanks to my friend Karen letting me know they are available at Scholar’s ChoiceToysrus and believe it or not, in Indigo too 😀  I am sure you can find them in more places so get them while quantities last, these could be the next big construction toys other than LEGO 😛

NBH_014 - Space Shuttle NBH_009 - Moai Statues of Easter Island

NBH_014 – Space Shuttle
NBH_009 – Moai Statues of Easter Island

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