Spoon & Fork Japanese. Thai…

Spoon & Fork Japanese. Thai… is yet another Franchise restaurant located in Ontario which serves all you can eat Japanese & Thai buffet and the one located in Vaughan which is probably the closest nearby from Toronto area. All my friends know that I don’t go to buffets often but their Thai food sounded very promising too so I had to give it a try. As usual, I would order mostly cooked dishes instead of sashimi in a Japanese buffets because you can’t really expect too much from all you can eat sashimi/sushi. And I was right, all of their cooked dishes were well made and delicious just like something you can find in a fine diner, which you know they put their heart into everything that they made and I didn’t expect from a buffet style restaurant really 😛 BUT one thing I found very annoying was the portion, an order of a main course dish is really a main course portion, so if you order one of their specialty noodles, they would get you a full plate of it, umm… and that would make your stomach full right away… that is why if you want to try more different varieties of their food, you should go as a group to share. As you can tell from the pictures I took, I went with a friend so we didn’t get to try EVERYTHING 😛 well, self noted hehe


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Spoon & Fork Japanese. Thai..., 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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