Welcome the newest member of my RC family, my new TRAXXAS Rally 🙂

DSC06601What a coincident, my best friend Raymond asked if I wanted to play RC with him, and of course I didn’t mind 😛  After doing some research, I figured I should get something that I don’t have, maybe a Rally?  I used to play a lot of different on road and off road RC cars, I think I have about 10 RC cars in my basement, but they were the old days’ toys, time to see what’s out there.  I found this TRAXXAS Rally, great reviews, love the ready-made body cover and everything.  Don’t really want to surprise anyone but you know, I had never had any of my RC cars running 7 cells, this is actually my first 🙂  Anyways, I am charging the battery right now and will probably try it tomorrow if the weather allows.  If anyone has something similar and want to play together, let me know and we can figure something out 🙂  plus I hope I will take some awesome video on this baby in the coming future too 🙂


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