Royal Princess (East Caribbean Cruise)

Second time going on a cruise and this time, I went with Princess Cruises. Royal princess is the name of the ship a~d it was only 1 year old. First land stop was called Princess Cays, which I believe is a Princess owned island, looks pretty I say, perfect to just relax and do nothing LOL, second land stop was St. Thomas, lots of pretty landmarks and third land stop was St. Marten, very pretty beaches and huge shopping area. The rest of the days were just staying on board and getting sun burnt LOL. Over all experience was alright, food was fantastic, but not so happy about the service plus got stuck in the elevator twice and no one helped… shows were not the greatest considered they should be the main features of the ship… but after this trip, I know I won’t be going with process again unless I get to at least age 60s because there isn’t a lot of activities going on for younger generations compare to Royal and basically all we did was drinking and shopping…

Anyways, in case you are wondering how my packing was for this trip, it was very easy because I just followed my packing list from last year’s Caribbean Cruise Experience, so it was a piece of cake 😛

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