COMO Restaurant

Yet, another great restaurant find in US, technically it’s not that far away and it was ones rated the best in the area, COMO Restaurant.  This one has been around for a very very long time as you can see in the pictures below and woah they also have their own bakery besides the restaurant!!!  A very home style/traditional kind of Italian you can find, great food, huge portions and tastes amazingly well.  It was quite scary in the beginning because the area is very quiet when I got there.  But, my pasta was very good, the bitterness of sour and sweetness of the pasta sauce got my taste buds excited, the pasta was made just right, and prices are just right.  Not sure what happened to the area because it seemed quite dead but it was really a taste to remember 🙂  I just wished I could find something like that in Toronto area because it really was something :-P.

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COMO Restaurant, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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