Johnny Rocco’s Niagara Falls

Pastas pasta pasta… A night with a pasta craving and I found an Italian restaurant just around the corner of Canada One outlet, another chain, Johnny Rocco’s Niagara Falls.  Didn’t really have high hopes but as always I took a chance.  The first question I had after I sat down was, I didn’t see the restaurant’s name on their menu front cover, weird…  as a graphics designer myself, I know the NAME is very important.  Anyhow, I kind of ignored it and started looking inside of the menu.  They do have a great variety of choices and prices are alright, so without a doubt, I ordered my pasta and soup.  Not so happy about the server because he was mumbling a lot, food presentation was good, so was my soup but bread was hard as a rock, my pasta was a little too salty, barely saw pieces of sausage in my dish and the color of the pasta sauce looked very synthetic as in very red like dye…  Good thing the prices are not very expensive but if it is a chain, I would assume the food would be the same at the other locations too, so at the end of the night, I just told myself I would go back for a bowl of soup but not any thing else 😛

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