The Cheesecake Factory

If you think they serve dessert only, you are very wrong 😛  The Cheesecake Factory, a big chain restaurant you would only find in US, and the one I went to is located inside Walden Galleria Buffalo.  The place was packed with people at all time, there is always a wait time of over 30 mins if you want a table at the dinning area, luckily, we found a table at the bar area so no need to wait 😛  For a restaurant in a mall, this is gigantic, there are entrances from the mall and the outside and this place can probably hold at least 300 people.  I was very surprised when I saw the menu because there were just soo many different varieties of food you can choose from, they also have a skinnylicious menu which delivers a smaller portion of food, and of course, they have a freaking big varieties of dessert as well.  Food was delicious as expected, that’s why the place is always packed right?  So the next time if you are headed to Buffalo shopping, you might want to check this place out because it is a place to remember.  If you just want a little dessert and don’t want to sit in, they do have a take out counter 🙂

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