CAYO COCO CUBA, what a great place to relax and to enjoy the sun while Ontario was still in the cold weather 😛  Compare to VARADERO where I had my very first vacation, this place is way more prettier and calm, probably because no one lives on the island, so people have to travel hours from the other side just to get to work.  Same rating 4.5 stars as the resort Melia that I stayed in the last time, Memories Flamenco Beach Resort is apparently remarkable.

Weather was nice and temperature was around 30°C the whole time in all my 7 days, with only minutes away from a beautiful beach and pools, I stayed in the sun most of the time and came back with a really nice tan.  Sadly my allergy got me rashes on my neck and legs but it was manageable, not sure if it was something I ate or was the sun…  One big thing I notice while I was there, not a single mosquito in the whole area, could it be because it’s an island?  What I enjoyed the most was the amazing beaches, white sands and everything you wanted, made you feel like you were in heaven, especially the beach PLAYA PILLAR, located at the east end of the island which takes about an hour of a bus ride. Also another best thing I saw was, for some reasons, there were billions of baby jelly fish in the sea water which even the people that worked there had never seen and they didn’t sting, amazing 🙂

With the amount of money that I paid, just a little under $900 with air fare and all inclusive resort (non stop alcohol drinking, hehe), this is by far the best valued vacation I ever had, if you are looking for inexpensive, this is really a place to think about, but just keep it in mind that this is CUBA, food won’t be as good 😛

there are tons more picture on my facebook, here is a link

and all panoramic view here

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