WorldPride 2014 Toronto

WorldPride 2014 Toronto, this was probably the biggest event that happened in Toronto in years, millions of people, tons of things to see and lots of fun.  I had never been to a pride in person, this was my first ever and I got to say, it was awesome!  A few streets were closed, Tho sun was strong, a little bit on the hot/humid side but the things happening on the street would keep you distracted from the rising heat.  Cosplay, mini concerts, drag shows, street performances, parades and anything you could think of was there, not to mention the parade lasted over five hours, marking it as one of the longest parades in Toronto’s history.  No words can describe this ones in a life time experience, take a look at the pictures below and you will know what I am talking about 🙂  So no matter if you are gay or straight, this is an event everyone should attend 🙂  Happy pride 🙂

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