Labor Day weekend gathering 2014

Happy to spend a gathering day with my friends on Labor day weekend and of course we are soo glad that Cheryl would let us mess up her place 😛  And big thanks to Macy for spending the time preparing our sashimi for the night, it took a LONG time to prepare because I was there 😛  It wasn’t just a typical night with regular food, sashimi was awesome and our hotpot really top the night.  To be honest, it was my first time having hotpot with cheese and I am sure I keep that in mind because it tasted soo good.  And at the end, we had baked KITKAT, heard about it but never had, it was yummy yum yum good 🙂

Usually back in the days, we would have stayed and karaoke after, maybe I am getting old so were the others, we ended the day early but it was definitely a memorable night for us 🙂  Thanks Cheryl, Macy and Shu for making this happen, hope we’ll do it again soon 🙂

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