RX78-2 Gundam 手辦模型 (Garage Kit Model)

My first ever 手辦模型 (Garage Kit Model) which I bought back in the year 2000. As all my friends know, I love Gundam models, when I bought it, my eyes went “blink blink” 😍 and it was the only RX78-2 model in that scale, the biggest one you could find back in those days was only 1/60 which was still way smaller.

Because of my buiding plastic models passion, I started digging out all my tools (spray paint brushes, pump, paints and etc.) and of course all my plastic models I bought over the last 20 years. I didn’t really remember what I had untill I started opening all the boxes, then I realized how crazy I was with the amount of plastic models I have and I even found doubles 🤪.

I decided to start with the GK model first because that’s the one only I have, then I realized there is soo much work to do since nothing actually fits, left side and right side are not evenly balanced and a lot of other problems… what a challenge. The whole process was brutal becaue of the scraping, remodeling, spray painting, soldering and etc. but I did it anyways… After days and days went by, I wanted to show the world my finished RX78-2 Gundam head GK model, but unfortunate to say, it would be my very last because of the time spent 😝.

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RX78-2 Gundam 手辦模型 (Garage Kit Model), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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