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Gundam RX-78 GP01 1/100

Still in the process of clearing up my backlog, for an old model kit, this Gundam RX-78 GP01 is fun to build but not fun to get it perfect. There was a lot of sanding on most of the pieces, some parts were made very clumsy, had to use putty in a few areas which I didn’t expect. Really don’t like how the arms are constructed, arms don’t twist (other than the joints under the shoulders) and upper body movement is very limited due to the core fighter. But I am happy that for an old model, nothing broke (unlike the previous ones I built MS-09 DOM and MSN-02 Zeong).

The most difficult area to paint was probably the core fighter front grill (the chest) and there was a lot of hand painting involved in this set. I am really glad that everything came out the way I wanted. Overall, I had a lot of fun building it and it turned out looking amazingly good. Time a take a break and think about what to build next 🙂

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