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Great Mazinger Z (Infinity Ver.) 1/144

Besides my top favorite super robots: Gundam!!! Mazinger Z is also one of my favorites. Bought this Great Mazinger Z (Infinity Ver.) when it first came out, Haven’t really bought any new scaled plastic models the past 15+ years (other than SDCS Cross Silhouette). Ones I started building it, I realized Bandai has grown so much that I was actually surprised by how good set is made, from the quality of plastic to the ways how all the pieces connect together, it was extremely fun to build, not to mention there are literally no seam lines after you put everything together and it even comes with a stand!!! For beginners, this will make a very good display even if you don’t want to paint it considering the colors of the plastic is almost perfect. For an HG 1/144 model set, this has way passed my expectations.

Spray paint wise, I only spray painted silver and red (sparkling finish), and to achieve the ultra shine finish, I polished all parts using super fine sand blocks and Teflon polish. With very minimal detailing, this came out way better than I expected. Tho the set itself is a little expensive ($75 CAD), really thought about getting all the other ones in the series but I will probably wait until they are on sale or something.

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SDCS Cross Silhouette experience

RX78-2, Zeta, Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex and Great Mazinger Z

It was a very fun experience and brought back a lot of childhood memories. Initially, I bought the Zaku II when it first came out (which is not showing on this post because I haven’t found the right color of paints to paint it yet), then I bought the RX78-2 and Zeta (my favorites), and Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex, Great Mazinger Z and Mazinger Z (which I haven’t built yet) a couple months later. Very simple fun kits that don’t need too much time to build but unless you are a perfectionist like me, took me quite a while to finish, all kits needed to be painted that is hehe.

The spray paint part was a pain or maybe I should have hand painted them instead… my eyes are not like I used to be 20 years ago so getting the spray painting done was kind of a challenge to me. Here is the break down of what I have done to these models.

  • RX78-2: painted almost every part except the yellow (didn’t have the right color of yellow at the time and the original looks just right anyway) and added the SDCS Silhouette Booster (WHITE).
  • Zeta: Painted everything including the wings, etc. and didn’t use the stickers that came with the kit because I didn’t want the outcome to be cheap toy looking
  • Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex: The color that came with the kit looks awful, had to paint everything to the right gold color. Never really painted almost the whole kit gold before and it was quite a challenge. (spraying too much paint in an area, you will end up messing up the gold finishing look).
  • Great Mazinger Z: The most difficult to paint because of the shiny finish (This is why I still haven’t built my SDCS Mazinger Z)… The glossy paint I used melted the color paint on the model, had to remove the paint and try a few times to get the finishing just right.

Overall, these are fun to build and they are not expensive either. If you are getting the Gundam series fo SDCS, I strongly recommend the frame pack and the booster pack because they will give your SDCS models the ability to pose more freely. For the non-Gundam SDCS models, they already came with the extended frame booster so no add-on is needed.

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