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Hotpot @ Tony’s house

Woot, hotpot dinner, one of my favorites!!!  Tho it might look very simple to a lot of people but having hotpot needs a lot of preparations, thanks Tony and Jane for preparing everything and providing us a warm place to make this happen and of course, big thanks to our new friend Michael for preparing the seafood (monster crabs) for us as well 🙂  At the end of the night, we left with joy and a full stomach, of course we also shared all the pictures that were taken during out cruise trip and we had a very good laugh at the end 🙂  Thumbs up for 2013 for this one 🙂

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Thai Villa

Apparently, Thai Villa has been around for a long time in Aurora, seems a little far for a lot of people but it was really worth a visit.  A little small gathering with my friends before my cruise trip, also a perfect time to try out something that I don’t eat all the time 😛  I was told that the chicken dish we had was a special order which turned out to be a very good choice.  I was expecting it would be very oily on everything but everything turned out alright!!  Fried wings were perfectly seasoned, curry tasted just right, noodles was very well made tho the assorted dish was a little on the dry side but the whole meal was very satisfying.  Just take a look at the pictures I took below and you will probably agree with what I said 🙂

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