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RX-178 Gundam & FXA-05D G-Defenser 1/100

Another old plastic model kit that I bought years back. My second favorite Gundam of all, RX-178 aka MK-II. This kit came with the FXA-05D G-Defenser, it was meant to be combined all together to form a “Super Gundam”. Since this kit came out almost 2 decays ago, the built/plastic itself is very fragile. After finished the whole built with paint and everything done, I realized it is almost impossible to put the G-Defenser and Gundam together without damaging the paint or even breaking some parts on the G-Defenser, so I just leave it the way it is.

Overall, this kit was super fun, tons of parts, originally I started this project last year, only finished the G-Defenser, due to the coronavirus lockdown this month, I can finally focus on the Gundam, each took a little over a week to finish. For one of the first generations of Gundam models, this kit is really detailed. Unlike the newer versions of the RX-78 2, this kit doesn’t have a skeleton frame so movement is very limited. One thing I absolutely hate is the ball joints for the arms and legs, they are very long and thin, feels very weak when you try to make poses.

Now onto my next project

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