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BB戰士 GGeneration (RX78-2-2 Gundam, RX77-2 GunCannon and RX75 Guntank)

Another backlog cleared, my favorite 3 GGeneration (BB戰士) sets that I bought decays ago, RX78-2 Gundam, RX77-2 GunCannon and RX75 Guntank. Although these sets are small, they do need quite a lot of work to make them look good. Back in the days, parents would buy these for their kids and just snap build them. I don’t want them to look like plastic blocks so I never snap build my GGeneration sets. Since these are small sets, they don’t take too much time even if I paint and panel line them. The most challenging part was sanding/filing, all of these plastic models were made very rough, mold lines and rough edges. But in the end, these 3 sets took about a little bit over a week to finish and I pretty happy with the results. I still have quite a log of GGeneration sets in my backlog, let’s see when I will start the other ones during this COVID pandemic. Stay home and stay safe everyone.

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