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Vincent + 人人菜館 (New Choice Restaurant)

An old friend Vincent (my best friend Orlando’s brother), after moving away from Toronto for 8 long years, he decided to come back for a surprise visit.  I would say, for a newly dad with 2 evil kids, he really haven’t changed much in his looks :p  Anyways, because Vincent is traveling back to Seattle tomorrow so auntie Amy and uncle Yeung wanted to have a small dinner gathering with us at 人人菜館 (New Choice Restaurant), a restaurant that I haven’t never tried :p  Food was really nice, taste really not bad at all and totally fit my taste and I would totally recommend this place to all my friends if they are looking for an inexpensive Chinese style dinner in Richmond Hill.  Location is very convenient too, it’s just in 黃金商場 (Golden Plaza) on highway #7.  Let’s take a look at some pictures see if you would agree with me and of course, a picture of Vincent 😀

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