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Jan 13 2012

Dinner @Richtree Market + misc.

A casual Friday dinner with friends @Richtree Market, a restaurant I hadn’t been to for a long while.  The one we went to is located at Bayview and York Mills, it used to be Marché a LONG time ago in case you don’t remember.  I was really expecting the restaurant would be packed but instead, it was only 1/2 filled.  I had a crepe with Italian sausage and veggies which was something I had never tried, nothing would go wrong with mussels in white wine sauce for sure, not to mention they have a Sushi bar there as well.  Food wise is alright, it’s something good to have once in a while really :p  When we were finished, it was still very early so I invited everyone to chill out at my place since Eric had never been to my house before.  Anyways, a few pictures I took during the night, enjoy 😀

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Jan 08 2012

Action Figures

I was told by Sunny that an old friend Eric has been collecting action figures for years so I had to to see how crazy a toys collector can get with my own eyes.  Not a lot of people would use the space and display cabinets to show off their collections as neat as Eric really.  There were 3 cabinets for any robots action figures and more than 10 for 1:6 scale action figures, when I saw the whole setup of the displays, my jaw almost dropped to the floor because everything looked extremely nice.  Anyways, after a full tour of the room and a long chat with him, part of me was already thinking…  ummm, maybe I should start collecting some of those as a hobby as well…  Seriously, I never knew those human action figures could look that nice.  Anyways, I didn’t take a lot of pictures but you get the idea when you look at these 🙂

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Dec 30 2011

New Year Party – 30 Dec 2011

It was a fantastic gathering party at Sunny and Karry’s house with a few old friends, especially Eric and his wife, friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.  Although the party started a little late but the fun we had was unlimited, awesome take out food, I believe it was actually enough for at least 20+ people, so poor Sunny and Karry would probably have to eat those left overs for at least another week :p  Futhermore we spent a lot of time chatting, talking BS and of course lots of drinking, then we spent rest of the night playing Xbox/Kinect that Livius brought.  The time really flew by very fast, Livius even fell asleep on the couch while Sunny and I just kept on playing dance central until like 6 o’clock in the morning :p

Here is a link of a full album http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150557500915211.431869.689775210&type=1&l=3bf42366f0

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Dec 29 2011

Dinner @Alice Fazooli’s

It’s not a surprise that Tina comes back to Toronto during Christmas to visit her family and friends, so it’s very usual we would have a gathering dinner with old friends that we haven’t contacted for a while because of that.  We chose Alice Fazooli’s an Italian food restaurant near Highway #7 and 404, a restaurant that I haven’t been to for a long time since the renovation about 2 years ago.  Of course, once everyone got there, the chatting was non stop, I would say everyone haven’t changed much since the last time we saw each other, at least no one looks older :p  Anyways, the menu is very simple, a few pages only, really made it very easy to choose what we wanted :p  For a restaurant like this, food quality and service is expected, the food was ok really but not fantastic, at least my dish wasn’t :p, presentation was super nice tho.  Service is below average, seriously, I am not sure if its because of the holiday season or any other reasons, our server wasn’t around/very long wait when we needed, missed a few orders and stuff…  Anyways, I still recommend this place because of the food but definitely not over Moxies or Jack Astors if I really have to choose one in the same plaza :p  With that said, time to look at pictures 😀

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Dec 17 2011

Camera test – NEX 5N

Had to do some low light camera test with my NEX-5N since I heard soo many good things about it so I headed to Sunny and Karry’s house to do some tests since they have soo many things I can take pictures of, like their Christmas village display :p I love almost every part of the camera but a little not satisfied with the low brightness of some pictures.  The noise in high ISO is pretty good, with the Anti Blur mode which takes 6 shots in 1 sec then combine them all as one picture is pretty amazing.  Camera itself is super light, very handy to carry it around town.  To top the regular still shots test, took a few pictures with Brownie (Karry’s cat) with her speedy movements.  I am actually pretty happy with the results overall, maybe you guys should consider getting one as well :p

P.S.  I did adjust the brightness a little bit using photoshop, nothing else but surprisingly, the noise/clarity of the photos after the adjustment is pretty good 😀

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