Action Figures

I was told by Sunny that an old friend Eric has been collecting action figures for years so I had to to see how crazy a toys collector can get with my own eyes.  Not a lot of people would use the space and display cabinets to show off their collections as neat as Eric really.  There were 3 cabinets for any robots action figures and more than 10 for 1:6 scale action figures, when I saw the whole setup of the displays, my jaw almost dropped to the floor because everything looked extremely nice.  Anyways, after a full tour of the room and a long chat with him, part of me was already thinking…  ummm, maybe I should start collecting some of those as a hobby as well…  Seriously, I never knew those human action figures could look that nice.  Anyways, I didn’t take a lot of pictures but you get the idea when you look at these 🙂

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