Perfect Grade ZAKU MS-06 -Weekend project-

Most of my friends know, I have tons of unfinished plastic models in my house, over the years, the gundam plastic models were piling up day by day (you dont want to know how many I have…).  This long weekend, I decided I really have to clear up some of them, so I opened up my Perfect Grade Zaku.  This one took me only 2 days to build without paint, so didn’t take me long, I will eventually paint it, just need more time to find paint and prepare 😀  From now on, I really should spend more time on building models, while I was building that zaku, I found it hard to focus (getting old may be), so I better continue to keep it up or at least clear up some of the stacks in my house :p

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Perfect Grade ZAKU MS-06 -Weekend project-, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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