An example of my hate

Most of my friends know I don’t get along with my parents at all, but being the only son, there isn’t much I can do.  We fight and argue all the time over little things and most people think little things don’t necessarily make me mad.  What if there is one little thing every day, then there are 30 little things in a month, is it still considered little?  Here is a perfect example of my hate over some of the stupid things my parents do at home.

there are only me and my parents living in this house, take a look of what’s inside my fridge, it is a viking, industrial size, over 30 cubic litres, the food inside is enough for at least 10 people for 10 days, not to mention the freezer is already full of frozen meat.  And I don’t understand why they keep stuffing the fridge and freezer, why not just cook everything fresh, they go to the supermarket everyday anyways…

ok, this is my way over my borderline, they bought way too much, when they can’t stuff the fridge no more, they start putting things in the wine cooler…

Keep it in mind, I don’t eat at home, so only my parents cook in this house, they just don’t make any sense to me really.  This is one of the examples why I fight with them all the time…  fucking retards…

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  1. 30 cubic litre

    cubic feet, honey !!

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