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To me, these are absolutely the last and the worst people I want to see... And I am not kidding :)

The BIG day!!!

After a month of packing, finally, we were moving out of the mansion, the house was way too big for the 3 of us, with the perfect timing for the real estate market, we could get 2 houses out of this too.

There were soo many problems we ran into, parents didn’t want to throw away anything was the number 1 problem, because of that, it also created a butter fly effect.  Problem number 2 was, the house we were moving in was way too small for everything we had…  Problem number 3 was, it also took forever to unpack everything (things we use day to day).

As I mentioned, we got 2 houses, one for my parents and one for myself.  We had to use up all the space in my parents house as a storage for my house, so the garage is totally stuffed with only inches to spare, all the bedrooms are also stuffed, no house guests are welcome at the moment because walking around is a big problem…  Not to mention, we also had a storage unit full of stuffs to move to this house as well…

But at the end, I was happy, just weeks later, I will have my own cozy place that belongs to myself, I can do whatever I want and no one will disturb or interrupt, YAY!!!  Making Step 1 to happen was a big thing, I am sure the steps to follow are even more challenging and exciting but I am looking forward to it!!!

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911 Cousins visit 2014

It’s the time of the year when my cousin Rita and Elaine came for a visit.  They would come when they have the time off so it wasn’t surprising that they came this year.  Didn’t really do a lot with them because they had been to everywhere in Toronto really, but we decided to go to Niagara Falls for some nice pictures for a day.  Tho the weather wasn’t the greatest, at least it wasn’t raining 😛 The visit was kind of short, all we did was to walk along the falls back and forth, but it was a fun one day trip that I haven’t had for a long time 🙂  Well, I don’t know when they will come visit again but I am sure the next time when they visit, I will be living at my own place without my annoying parents around 😛

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This is why Elderly shouldn’t be driving…

A perfect reason why elderly shouldn’t be driving, take a look at what happened this afternoon…  Today’s weather was nice and sunny, it was just a perfect day out having lunch with my friends, right in the middle of my yummy feast, a phone call from my dad ruined my appetite.  A car accident that I would never thought would have happened and it did happen right outside of my house…  Got home and I saw this…

I was told that my dad was day dreaming while he was backing out the driveway and hit the bushes and trees of the other side of the road.  Called a tow truck and found out we needed to file a report to the police before doing anything else…  So we did and realized not only the car was damaged, but there were lamp poles and some misc. stuffs were broken in my neighbors front yard, so I had to go apologized and let them know we would take 100% responsibility of the total damages it costed.

Anyways, the car is finally towed away but when I looked at the recordings from my security cameras, it was horrifying…  Think about someone flooring on the gas while the car was going backwards, what if they hit a person instead of trees and bushes?  From what I saw, after the car hit the curb, the car was even going faster into my neighbors driveway, then bushes…  WTF was SHE thinking?!?!  I am just glad that I don’t have to pay for any of this…

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Dinner at 輝煌閣 (Royal TeaHouse Dim Sum Specialist)

I had to decide where to take my uncle for a nice Chinese dinner out and I wanted to try out something different  so instead of going somewhere that I have already been to, I decided to go 輝煌閣 (Royal TeaHouse Dim Sum Specialist) , as I was told they are not only good at dim sums, their dinner should be very good as well.  It turned out everything we ordered was pretty good, lobster was tendered, fish was cooked just right, the chicken was just the way I liked and price wise, for about $100 CAD for 4 of us was actually not bad compare to Hong Kong my uncle said 😛  Anyways, if you want to make a reservation, 905.946.1898 is their number, and in case you don’t know where it is, their address is 10 Applecreek Blvd., Building B, Unit 3, Markham, ON, L3R 5Z1 (Woodbine Ave. and Applecreek Blvd.)

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Uncle Miguel’s surprise visit!

What a surprise, the last time I saw Uncle Miguel was in year 1999, back in the days when he was lean and skinny but now, ummm, LOL  Anyhow, Toronto was a first stop for his business trip, staying here for 2 days is not a very long time so right after I picked him up at the airport, we went straight ahead to dinner.  Since we didn’t have a lot of time to pick and realized uncle Miguel wanted to try something different from Hong Kong, I decided to bring him to one of my favorite restaurants, Moxie’s 😀  As always, food was amazing, glad that uncle Miguel was happy about my choice and totally enjoyed the conversation we had 🙂

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