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福臨 – Times Square Richmond Hill

What better things to do on a boring Family Day holiday?  飲茶(drink tea) with two of the best Aunties ever, Corolla and Connie at 福臨 at Times Square Richmond Hill!!!  The newly renovated 福臨 is finally back from a “umm… restaurant” to a “woah restaurant” after years or struggling…  Tho I only went to it a couple times years ago, this restaurant was always on the bottom of my list until today 😀  The DIM SUM was amazingly good and they even have a few that you won’t find out there like 木瓜奶盞, this place basically topped most of the Chinese DIM SUM places I have tried.  Once you put the food in your mouth, you just know that they really had someone to make those DIM SUM, unlike some just served frozen mass production DIM SUM to you…  Anyways, a must try 😀

Address:  550 Hwy 7 East, Unit 80, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B3Z4
tel: 905-709-8983

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Lunch with the Aunties @ 君臨天下

Yay, another BIG lunch dimsum gathering with the Aunties (靚靚師奶) since Queenie’s birthday is next week and very glad that Joseph and his wife can join us as well 😀  I remember the last time I went 君臨天下 was a long long time ago and it was a quite expensive Chinese restaurant back in the days.  Recently I have heard a lot of good things about this place, so I thought maybe we should give this a try so we went.  Turned out everything was exactly what I heard, food quality is really good and price is not bad either, not to mention they are doing 20% off lunch right now, just take a look at how much we ordered :p

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年初三之人人菜館 (New Choice Restaurant)

Another awesome gathering with the aunties at 人人菜館 (New Choice Restaurant).  Since this week is Chinese New Year plus this weekend is Corolla’s birthday, so it was a perfect time for a gathering dinner 😀  If you follow my blog, you know this was not my first time being at 人人菜館, but with more people, a better chance to try more stuffs.  Overall, it was really a fun dinner night, very good food and I still recommend this to everyone if you are looking for a restaurant in Richmond Hill.  Think about it, today is a Wednesday, and the restaurant was almost full with a bad bad snowy weather tonight, so it’s got to be yum yum good :p


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Markham RibFest & Music Festival 2011

RIBS RIBS RIBS!!!  It started at 6pm and Connie decided to go at 6 to avoid the long lineups and she was definitely right.  When we got there, there weren’t a lot of people because the event just started, once we got the food and sat down, people started coming in like crazy.  By the time we finished, the place was already packed with people and the line ups were soooo long.  You can take a look at how crazy it was from the pictures below.  I strongly recommend if you want to go, go early :p  Anyways, if you need more info, here is their website http://www.markhamribfest.com/  the event will end on Sunday night, if you like food, you should definitely go 😀

here is a video on my youtube channel 😀

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OMG, finally a BBQ outdoor!!!

The weather is soo weird this year, it was rainy and cold for so long after the last winter, and finally it’s warm enough to have an outdoor BBQ 😀  Queenie was nice enough to host a BBQ party at her house and I get to see her cats, yay!!!  Anyways, the day was very sunny and we have so much food and FUN!!  Oh, I brought my flash with me so the pictures should be a lot more clear for the cats this time 😀

Of course there are tons more on my facebook, please go  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150274378560211.373787.689775210&l=74e359d7d3

Enjoy 😀

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