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New Year Party – 31 Dec 2011

Yet another party at Queenie’s house on New Year’s Eve, tons of people, tons of fun and of course tons of good food!!!  I was very honored once again, got invited to Queenie’s house for this years new year’s eve party, and whenever there is a party with the aunties, it means there would be a 100% amazing good food no doubt.  It was more like a pot luck dinner and everyone made something different, I didn’t have time to make any but there was already enough food for at least 40+ people really :p  Of course it was a very memorable New Year’s Eve dinner thank to all the aunties especially Queenie for putting this event together.  Everyone stayed chatting and waited for the count down of 2012 but for me, there was a part 2 of the night.  Instead of staying at Queenie’s house, I headed to Karen’s house for the count down since they both asked me to join the same night :p  As I predicted, with the game LEGO Creationary, it was hilarious at Karen’s place.  If you want to know why, you definitely have to check out a full photo album on my face book here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150558386810211.432024.689775210&type=3&l=3895fdacf2

Some highlights of the night

Well, Happy New Year 2012 to all of you!!!

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OMG, finally a BBQ outdoor!!!

The weather is soo weird this year, it was rainy and cold for so long after the last winter, and finally it’s warm enough to have an outdoor BBQ 😀  Queenie was nice enough to host a BBQ party at her house and I get to see her cats, yay!!!  Anyways, the day was very sunny and we have so much food and FUN!!  Oh, I brought my flash with me so the pictures should be a lot more clear for the cats this time 😀

Of course there are tons more on my facebook, please go  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150274378560211.373787.689775210&l=74e359d7d3

Enjoy 😀

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團年飯 at Queenie’s house

I am very honored to be invited to Queenie’s Chinese New Year gathering Dinner (團年飯) along with her good friends.  Of course having dinner with the Aunties means perfect food :p  Most of them brought their own dish pot luck style, when I arrived, Queenie was already making hers.  While I was waiting for the dinner to get ready, I wouldn’t waste a second so I was taking pictures of her lovely cats.  More after, people started to arrive one by one, and Freda showed up with her dog Cookie!!!  Anyways, enough with the words, take a look at the fun we had tonight 😀

of course, as always, there are tons more on my facebook gallery here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=327105&id=689775210&l=12ba341826

btw, here is the definition of 團年飯

團年飯 – 係有唐人文化習俗嘅一餐晚飯,年卅晚或年廿九大除夕一齊人食,目的為咗團聚。年夜飯餸係意頭,有髮菜蠔屎意味發財好事。年夜飯通常嚮屋企食,不過家下都好興上酒樓。以前尊重長者,埋位要分長幼次序,等齊人先開飯,而家冇乜咁多規矩。

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