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Markham RibFest & Music Festival 2011

RIBS RIBS RIBS!!!  It started at 6pm and Connie decided to go at 6 to avoid the long lineups and she was definitely right.  When we got there, there weren’t a lot of people because the event just started, once we got the food and sat down, people started coming in like crazy.  By the time we finished, the place was already packed with people and the line ups were soooo long.  You can take a look at how crazy it was from the pictures below.  I strongly recommend if you want to go, go early :p  Anyways, if you need more info, here is their website http://www.markhamribfest.com/  the event will end on Sunday night, if you like food, you should definitely go 😀

here is a video on my youtube channel 😀

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OMG, finally a BBQ outdoor!!!

The weather is soo weird this year, it was rainy and cold for so long after the last winter, and finally it’s warm enough to have an outdoor BBQ 😀  Queenie was nice enough to host a BBQ party at her house and I get to see her cats, yay!!!  Anyways, the day was very sunny and we have so much food and FUN!!  Oh, I brought my flash with me so the pictures should be a lot more clear for the cats this time 😀

Of course there are tons more on my facebook, please go  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150274378560211.373787.689775210&l=74e359d7d3

Enjoy 😀

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嚼通天 (Win’s Seafood Restaurant) 食團年飯

嚼通天 (Win’s Seafood Restaurant) is located on 16th (south side) between Woodbine and Warden Ave. I believe this restaurant is not new, has been around for sometime, just never noticed it. Had my 團年飯 (Chinese New Year gathering Dinner) there with FRIENDS!!! Yes, friends, not my parents, as most of you know if you are reading, I never eat with them anyways, why bother? Anyhow, the place is very spacious and the food was really good, very competitive with 魚樂軒小廚.  Umm, the fish dish was a little pricey, cost us $85 but the lobster was a lot cheaper like $25 a lb and tasted very comparable.  It is really another good Chinese restaurant if you don’t want to go far from Richmond Hill for sea food 😀  Anyway, more looking, less talking :p

50 Lockridge Ave, Markham, ON L3R 7R6
(905) 305-6634

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