Markham RibFest & Music Festival 2011

RIBS RIBS RIBS!!!  It started at 6pm and Connie decided to go at 6 to avoid the long lineups and she was definitely right.  When we got there, there weren’t a lot of people because the event just started, once we got the food and sat down, people started coming in like crazy.  By the time we finished, the place was already packed with people and the line ups were soooo long.  You can take a look at how crazy it was from the pictures below.  I strongly recommend if you want to go, go early :p  Anyways, if you need more info, here is their website  the event will end on Sunday night, if you like food, you should definitely go 😀

here is a video on my youtube channel 😀

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Markham RibFest & Music Festival 2011, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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