Doris’s birthday dinner at Tony’s house

Doris’s actual birthday is in a few days but this weekend is a long weekend so we made it early.  A lovely gift for Doris from me of course was to make a her my specialty cake, so I went to Tony’s house early so I would have enough time to prepare.  Once I got there around 3, the food preparation was already started, seeing Tony and Jin so busy working on our nom nom made me realize we would leave their house with a 110% full stomach :p  Of course, it wouldn’t work if only 2 people cooking for soo many people so when Doris arrived, she definitely had to show off her cooking skill 😀  and with their cooking power together, they made soo much good looking/tasty yummy food.  Enough with the talk, please check out the pictures I took 😀

there are tons more on my facebook here

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