Christmas 2011

Everything started off slow on Christmas Day because of last night’s party – X’mas Eve 2011, went home at 430 this morning, woke up at around noon, grabbed something to eat from the fridge then started doing some laundry.  Tried to relax as much as possible because I wasn’t sobered at 100% when I got up :p  Anyways, Karen’s party started early for the kids mainly, me as an adult that don’t like to play with kids got there around 6 :p  The party was awesome with the cutest kids Valerie and Emily, Grace, 福仔, 肥媽 and Simon were playing Mahjong upstairs, great food from 潮州館 @ Bayview and MajorMac., Karen made turkey and we even had a X’mas cake as dessert 😀  Simon and Marcus even dressed in Santa’s suits when they gave out presents to the kids, and of course, some didn’t have the patience opened theirs right away :p  Thanks Karen and Simon for organizing this party, awesome night with plenty of laughters and joy for this year’s X’mas!!!

I took tons of pictures, if you want to see the full album, please go to my facebook link here

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