My experience with North York Chrysler Jeep Continues… + Misc.

January 10, the day after My experience with North York Chrysler Jeep post.  I went to work early and everything was same as usual but I was expecting someone from Chrysler Jeep would call me back, after all, I posted an article about what I experienced on their facebook page and my blog.  I was quite busy at work all morning hoping someone would call but my cel phone was dead silence in my pocket.  Long story short, the sale manager called back, kept apologizing along with BS and of course I told him how pissed I was.  At the end of that conversation, I told him I would need an hour to make a decision whether if I wanted the vehicle or not, so I hung up.  Then I called a few friends for advice about what I should do and came up with a decision that I would still get the vehicle but had to ask for a compensation or some sort.  Here came the interesting part, another sales person called to follow up my case, female, completely had no clue on what happened.  I roughly explained to her the details and she kindly answered all my questions, that moment, it totally felt like a godly light finally shining on me after 15 weeks of BS.  Well, of course she wasn’t sure about the compensation part because she was totally innocent on my case.  Anyhow, got everything kind of settled and the car would be ready the next day, hoping to get it at 11ish, the sooner the better :p

January 11, got a call at 9ish from the sales saying the car would be ready after 1 instead of 11, I got no complains at all, why?  Because to me, that was another godly light moment, someone actually cared/followed up my case, unlike whatever… sigh…  Anyways, got there around 2, saw the car in the parking lot from miles away because of the color, went inside the dealership, of course didn’t even bother looking for the sales manager.  Instead, with the help of that super helpful sales person, got all the documents done and ready to drive the car away.  Now you might ask, ok, did they compensate anything?  The answer is NO, not even a key chain, well I didn’t ask for one but anyhow, instead they asked me to take down my My experience with North York Chrysler Jeep post.  Ummm…  what?

All those cars accessories really cost nothing to the dealership, and after all those trouble, NOTHING?  I love to bargain, but this just don’t seem right in many many ways…  So if I take down the post and I will get the freebies, pardon my poor second language but is that how it sounded like?  Maybe a Jeep is a cheap car, probably the cheapest car I have ever owned in the last 15 years, I really don’t mind paying the money to get the stuffs I like, all my friends know that but if you ask me to take down a truth and get some freebies, hell no.

Anyways, speak from my experience.  1, Get a female sales if possible, they are the best.  2, Sales managers don’t mean they are better, they had been as sales longer but more outdated, not as hard working, don’t reply/follow up as quick as regular sales and they love to play games.  3, Read the agreement when you purchase your vehicle, if it doesn’t arrive in 3 months, most likely you can get your deposit back no question’s asked.  4, Stick with your instinct, get the stuffs you love, for example, your car because I love my Jeep :p  5, If you are looking for a Chrysler dealership, there are TONS in Toronto  6, Say what you want in your social media websites like facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs etc. because you have the right to tell the truth.

At last, everything I posted here speaks from my personal experience, everything I saw with my own eyes, heard from my ears translated into words, no animals were harmed, no names were mentioned and definitely not trying to offend anybody.  You can treat this as a joke or you can believe 100% but all I can tell you is, I got my car and I fucking love it, because it is what I wanted but went thru a horrible 15 weeks with tons of stuffs in between.

Edited March 13, 2012.  The Survey…  Click here My experience with North York Chrysler Jeep (part3)

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    • Karl Ng on June 29, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    Well, for most people that’s a waste of time, to me this is part of my hobby actually, AND unlike most people, I got plenty of time to do that at work, all I do there is watch TV anyways, so I don’t see why not. Oh, and you mean you don’t have a job like that? 😛

    • Dave on June 29, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Hahaha. Your car was 3 weeks late and your wasting this much time?? Why don’t you get a hobby??

    • Karl Ng on January 12, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    I know, well, doesn’t matter now, I really love the car but I won’t just let it go. These 2 posts already are already getting a lot of hits from a few social sites, my next target will be Chrysler Canada and car forums. I have plenty of time tomorrow to do that :p

  1. Damn they should have given you something cool, mats, guards, bigger wheels, tire covers, something…

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