Hot Shoe Adapter for my NEX-5N

If you know mirrorless DSLR cameras then you should know the problem of my NEX-5N, there is no hot shoe for flashes or other accessories.  It does come with a mini size flash but it’s just not enough for anything or you can get a bigger one for $199 with very limited flash power and flexibility.  Then Sony came out with a more expensive model NEX-7 (with a hot shoe), which is double the price of a NEX-5N.  Both cameras specs are very close and of course, the NEX-7 would have a higher bigger CCD sensor, other than that they are almost the same.  I wouldn’t pay $1400 for a hot shoe, instead, I am very happy with my NEX-5N but you know what?  Recently, a $30 aftermarket Hot Shoe Adapter just came out and it works like a charm, that just made me even happier, so beat that SONY :p

NEX5 hotshoe

NEX5 hotshoe

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Hot Shoe Adapter for my NEX-5N, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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