Peter and Kelly’s post wedding thank you gathering

Umm, Sunny and I (best man and groomsman) didn’t really do much on Peter and Kelly’s wedding really hehe, Sharon and Susan (bridesmaid and the mate of honor) did tons more than we did :p  Anyhow, we are very honored to be invited to their home again for a post wedding thank you dinner.  Too bad Art couldn’t make it to the dinner because he wasn’t feeling well and had to stay home, of course the nice Wifey Sharon had to stay home as well to take care of the huby :p  We hope he will get well soon and join our next gathering because it was awesome :p  Kelly must had spent a lot of time because there were a lot of tasty food on the table when I walked in and of course I wouldn’t walk in their house empty handed so I brought in my specialty mango mousse as dessert 🙂  It was my first time trying Kelly’s cooking and she is actually a pretty good cook, just take a look at the pictures below to believe it :-p  P.S. minus the sushi plate tho hehe

Let’s hope Art and Sharon can be there next time because they missed a lot :p and thanks Peter and Kelly for inviting us over for dinner 😀

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