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Victoria Day Long Weekend 2013

My Victoria Day weekend was awesome, went to 2 house parties in 1 day which was just a blast!!!  First stop was a very last decision that Peter was going to host a small lunch BBQ at his house, it was a perfect gathering since me and Sunny hadn’t seen Peter and Kelly for a while and not to mention I was sure auntie would make good food as well!!!  Anyhow, after a few hours of being in the direct sun and stuffed stomachs, I headed to my second stop to my old colleague Doris’s house.  Surprisingly, Ray, who doesn’t show up at our gatherings very often was there too 😛  I really thought I wasn’t going to eat much but with what was on the table, huge sushi plate, a super juicy roast beef by Regina and a few more things made by Doris, not to mention we also had a birthday cake at the end of the night because it is Tony and Regina’s birthday next week, I was soo sure I would gain at least 3 pounds when I left 😛  Anyways, it was a total blast over this weekend just take a look at some of the best moments I captured 😛

for a full album, please visit my facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151619145490211.1073741826.689775210&type=1&l=56c5a8bb65

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Peter and Kelly’s post wedding thank you gathering

Umm, Sunny and I (best man and groomsman) didn’t really do much on Peter and Kelly’s wedding really hehe, Sharon and Susan (bridesmaid and the mate of honor) did tons more than we did :p  Anyhow, we are very honored to be invited to their home again for a post wedding thank you dinner.  Too bad Art couldn’t make it to the dinner because he wasn’t feeling well and had to stay home, of course the nice Wifey Sharon had to stay home as well to take care of the huby :p  We hope he will get well soon and join our next gathering because it was awesome :p  Kelly must had spent a lot of time because there were a lot of tasty food on the table when I walked in and of course I wouldn’t walk in their house empty handed so I brought in my specialty mango mousse as dessert 🙂  It was my first time trying Kelly’s cooking and she is actually a pretty good cook, just take a look at the pictures below to believe it :-p  P.S. minus the sushi plate tho hehe

Let’s hope Art and Sharon can be there next time because they missed a lot :p and thanks Peter and Kelly for inviting us over for dinner 😀

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Peter and Kelly’s Wedding day

The big day, Peter and Kelly’s wedding and it was really an honor to be the groomsmen for this big event.  The whole day was perfect, sun was shining and everything was right on our schedule.  The best man Sunny and I gathered up at Peter’s house, picked up the bride and bridesmaids, then headed to Edwards garden for our photo shoot.  Tho the weather was super nice but the heat from the sun was killing us especially we had our suits on :p  After 2 hours of photo shooting, we headed back to Peters house for some Chinese tradition marriage ceremony stuffs then a 2 hour break.  God, I was exhausted and needed that badly although I didn’t do much :p  After all the hard stuffs in the morning, everything was very simple, the wedding ceremony and dinner was in Markham event center, so we only had to stay in one place, made everything a lot easier.  Overall, an unforgettable fun night, great MC, music and food, thanks to all the helpers to make this event so fantastic and of course, congratulation to Peter and Kelly of their next chapter in life 😀

Here is a few highlights of the day below and the last 3 food pictures were taken from my smart phone, enjoy!

P.S.  I wasn’t holding the camera 100% of the time because I was being photographed too BTW :p

For a full photo album, please go to my facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151080436215211.486304.689775210&type=1&l=3217bb8f54

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First BBQ 2012

It was a small BBQ gathering for us to meet the bride mates and friends at Sunny’s house for Peter and Kelly’s wedding.  The weather was super nice, not too hot and not humid, as usual, we had our BBQ on charcoal because we like the different taste.  Anyways, it was a fun day, lots of chatting and Kinect after dinner :p  Took only a few pictures, hope you guys like them 😀

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