Marcus’s Belated Birthday Party 2012

Marcus is not little any more, he just turned 5!!!  Since everyone was busy on his actual birthday, the party was postponed to Sunday instead afternoon with only selected people and surprisingly the big cook this year was Simon, he made ton food for us 😛  Just take a look at the pictures and you would know how good he is on making pizzas and wings, not to mention he made a 6 layers rainbow jello too hehe.

Well, these kids are getting older, somehow the cuteness is shifting away, unlike the previous years when these parties still had a touch of cuteness involved in these guys, but the most fun was from little Valarie now because she just started talking and dancing :-p  Great party overall 😀

Side notes:  Jason couldn’t be there because he was sick that day, probably because of the cold weather, everyone was kind of weak, tho Emily wasn’t feeling well at the party either.

Anyways, if you want to see more pictures, please visit my facebook link here

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