Have you been to Denny’s?  A restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all across USA and Canada.  I heard about it for a long time but there isn’t one near my neighborhood so I never got a chance to try and that’s why it was a perfect opportunity to try it out while I am in Niagara Falls 😀  My first impression was WOW, there is a lot to choose from!!!  After ordering Shire Sausage Skillet then I realized this is a place where I could only come once in a while because…  all I saw was oil…  same with my friend’s dish…  I am not saying it didn’t taste good, but it was really a very greasy brunch for me…  Well, anyways, if you have tired this place before, post a comment about what you think of this place 😀

More photos of the previous days on my facebook link here

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