Geeked out WoW Mages reunion

Most people know that I was totally addicted to World of Warcraft for a long while and the game was almost like a second job for years…  Back in the days, we mages played like a team most of the time and all of us spent a long time together in front of our computers for hours and hours…  The funny part was we were totally in our cyber lives for years and we had never met in real life until now, Me (Cowie), Chris (Haivendra) and Mike (Nalor) finally got a chance to meet up in real at Chako – a do it yourself “all you can eat” BBQ & Izakaya restaurant.  Anyways, Mike still plays, Chris stopped already and I just bought the expansion…  Anyways, geeked out WoW Mages reunion, yay!!!

Cowie, Haivendra and Nalor

Cowie, Haivendra and Nalor

Check out Mike’s visit photos on my facebook link here or check out the previous days’ posts Downtown hang out – CN Tower revisited + misc.Jackson Triggs and Niagara Falls revisited and Denny’s

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