Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴)

To celebrate Mathew and Betty’s super cute new born, I was invited to their dinner celebration at Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴), a restaurant that is made for Chinese fine dinning, also a great gathering reunion with my old colleagues too 🙂  Did really have a close look at the baby because he was sleeping most of the time even with loud noise surrounded but I did take a few pictures while he was awake.  The night was busy because I had to run around and take pictures, of course I also had to find time to enjoy the food as well 😛  Food was very good consider this was a once in a while occasions dinner which we don’t get to try from day to day life, just take a look at the amazing pictures below and you would know what I mean 😀

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Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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