This is probably one of the best places to have a couple of beers and hang out with friends.  TAPS ON QUEEN is located in downtown Niagara Falls, an area which you think it’s pretty much dead but it’s not 😛 All their beers have a unique and refreshing taste, not to mention they brew their own beer, big variety of choices, very inexpensive (about $5 a pint), they also have a complimentary beer tour and you can also try their beer tasting fir about $5 dollars, sounds pretty good eh?  Not only their beers are awesome, so is their food, you can also host private functions/parties and live bands on Tuesdays and Saturdays, sounds like a perfect place to hang out right?  Anyways, I strongly recommended this place, who wouldn’t like spending a nice afternoon on a patio with a few beers 🙂

Oh oh, they also have different combos specials everyday, also don’t forget to ask for the waitress Stephanie, she is my favorite and the best 😉

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