SONG Cook’s

Anita and her daughter came back to Toronto for a short visit, so we decided to call our long lost friend Cindy to join us for a small gathering dinner at SONG Cook’s located on Yonge and Steeles W, one of my favorite kind of restaurant, Korean!  Yay!!!  Most people know, I love spicy food, so I couldn’t wait to try this place out 😛  Entrance looks very unique, inside is spacious and you also get to choose to sit at the regular tables and chairs side or tatami (a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms)

Well, this is spicy food, so I am going to say everything taste delicious right off my head even I haven’t put anything into my mouth HAHA.  But really, everything tasted extremely good, noodles (JengBan JaJang) was chewie, just the way I like it, pork ribs dish (MuGunji Pork Ribs) tasted amazing, the pig foot (Five Spices Jokbai) was totally different from anything I have tried and tons more…  I love this place, not only because of the yummy food, also because of this place DOESN’T smell 🙂  Definitely have to try this place if you are craving Korean 😛

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