Horseshoe Resort

A few weeks back Karen found a very good deal on a Horseshoe Resort package at $65 for a one-day Summer Access pass for two people plus one extra zipline ride per person ($114 value) I was soo excited because I never got a chance to try a LONG zipline ever 😛 Tho we went thru a few obstacles that was prevent us to go due to the weather condition on previous weekends but we finally went!!! First impression of the resort is quite huge, mini golf, rock climbing, treetop treking, pony ride, archery, trampoline, zipline, that hamster ball thingie and etc.

Of course the first thing we tried was the zipline because it was still kind of early and we didn’t know how bad the lineup was. Anyways, the lift up hill was a little scary, although it is the same one they use during winter time but it did feel higher 😛 Once we arrived the top, then walked about 5 mins and there it was, the zipline… We had to put on all the gear at the bottom of the zipline tower, then had to carry everything to the top of the tower, it was like a torture to me because, the gear we had on was heavy, a long walk up the tower and I could feel the tower was shaking when I got up higher… Over all zipline experience was amazing, tho I wished we didn’t have to walk up that tower 😛

Sadly, we were very disappointed about the archery, it was more like a kids thing and later, we also found the activities would suit kids more than adults. Didn’t really try rock climbing because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of all the people LOL Anyways, I would definitely go back for their treetop climbing because we didn’t get to try that, zipline was fun the first time, but ones you did it, I don’t think it’s fun anymore hehe This place is perfect for a family to spend a day but staying for a night I don’t think its worth the money really 🙂

more pictures on my facebook link here

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