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Lunch with the Aunties @黃金閣 again

This Friday was a cooking class day off in between the previous and coming semesters, so most of the aunties and our teacher Joseph were available to have lunch together.  I figured 黃金閣 would be a good place since they can really keep up the quality and it is close to mostly everyone.  I am sure there will be more lunch gathering like this in the coming future, most of us didn’t apply cooking class because we were told to let more new students to join instead of us dominating it.  Anyhow, it was a very fun afternoon, and the Chinese New Year is coming in about 2 weeks, we will probably have a gathering dinner with most of us soon, so stay tuned :p

P.S.  the last 2 pictures are rare dishes, not all Chinese restaurant has it fyi 😀

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More house parties + more studio test (4)

This party was all about the people from my cooking class and dessert class, gladly the teachers from both class (Joesph, Corolla and Queenie) can attend and even Mrs Ma (the coordinator from Yee Hong) was here as well 😀  It was just a very simple hotpot dinner but we had soo much fun chatting and everything 😀  Of course, I wouldn’t miss a great chance of doing more of my photography tests in my studio, anyways, here are some of the samples 😀

P.S. all the studio pictures are edited using photoshop :p

here are the rest of the pictures on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150232273075211.354921.689775210&l=f32532f247

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