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Dinner at Mary’s house

Not long ago we learned how to make a Mocha cake so me and Miranda decided to make one together so we chose Mary’s house as our location to test it out.  As always, we asked Corolla to join us and she made us a vegi fried rice, I baked some chicken wings and cake and Miranda made us some curry 😀  AT the end of the night, everyone had a full stomach and very satisfied with all the food that night 😀

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Hand fed practice

We had hot pot that night at Mary’s house, Corolla and I enjoyed the food soo much and we ended up with a 110% full stomach when it was over.  The funny story of the night was, Mary’s 5 month old niece will come to visit them along with Mary’s sister in less than a month, so Mary had this crazy idea, to practice on her hand fed skill with Billy so she can try that on her niece later :p  and yea, “Crazy Mary and Lazy Billy” :p

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Cooked something off my head…

Decided to cook something instead of going out for dinner, didn’t know what I was doing really so I just cooked with whatever I had and everything came out alright but Billy’s fake reaction was funny so was others too :p

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BBQ with Aunties (師奶篇 part 2)

Another BBQ and it might be the last in this location because of my FUCKING parents… anyways, didn’t take a lot of pictures cuz I was very busy doing stuffs :p

btw, it was supposed to be a stormy day but look at the sky 😀

I have a few more on facebook and I will add more later when I have time too 😀

After this BBQ, it comes to a conclusion:

– my parents are fucking retards and mean mother fuckers

– they have no respect to anyone (including me) treat people like shit and think they are the top of the world

– they even pissed off the aunties (師奶) even tho some are about the same ages as my parents

– they don’t appreciate anything that people do for them and only appreciate the things they do themselves

Everything above was the things I have told people for years, and no one believed it until this BBQ.  Now I feel so relief because people had finally saw it with their own eyes and agreed with me.  I was even told by a few that my parents are helpless, don’t deserve to be loved and should just leave them alone.  Now I can just go back to my old self, don’t eat their crappy meals and do whatever I want 😀  I am sure I will get a lot more comment after people read this, anyhow, I really have to thank the aunties (Mary, Estella, Corolla, Joyce, Surina and a few others) for the comments and phone calls 🙂  Now the next step is for my relatives to believe (it is hard to believe my relatives have known my parents for ages and they still dont agree with me)  Anyways, like I care at this moment :p

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Cooking fun + BBQ + Dinner with Aunties (師奶篇)

Last week, I have learned a lot about cooking from all the aunties in a few places and there was also a BBQ party with them in my house last friday.  Surprisingly, these aunties are sooo playful and I have learned a lot from them already.  Sometimes I wished my parents were 30 yrs younger so they could do the same like these aunties :p  But you know, hanging around with them will definatly gain me some pounds since their cooking is soo good at all time, so I better start my diet plan right now :p

Here is a facebook link for more

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