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Parents and Cousins had joined a tour to New York City and they left at 6 this morning, yay!!! This is really super rare because my parents always stay at home and never go anywhere. So I am like 3 days off the hook and finally get to breath the air without any pressure 😀 After I drove them to the bus station, I went back home and took a small nap.

Today was the last day Orlando stayed in Toronto so I asked Karen to join us for lunch at Kenny’s noodle and of course it was also a good chance to let Orlando have a good look at little Marcus. After lunch was done, I drove Orlando to the airport and off to Boston he goes, then New York for a day, then back to Hong Kong/China (work). We don’t know when he will come back for the next visit, all we know is he might come back here for good someday :p

Of course there are some pictures footage of today 😀

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