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Nightmare begins!!!

I picked up my parents at the airport tonight at about 8 o’clock, while I was driving to the airport, I was feeling dizzy and my heart was beating very unevenly, it was probably because of the pressure having them back to Toronto, that basically tells you how much I hate having them back here…  Anyways, nothing new about fighting with them, we started fighting and cursing while I was on the highway, and it kept going through dinner…  Oh well, it was something I expected, I won’t go into details since most of my friends know how our relationship is and my mom claims she is fucking Miss Right at all time, bitch…  Sigh, I just don’t understand/whine about the fact that why my mom has soo many clothes/junks and they are taking up all the closets in the house, and it is a fucking 7k sq ft house…  enough talking, for now, I don’t even want to think about it, mood is way low…

added 20 May 2010:  sigh, I am now 100% sure why I was losing hair everyday, parents = stress, stress = hair lost, just found tons of hair again on my bed this morning…


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Today is the day my parents leave Toronto to Hong Kong, right after I came back home just now, I realized the air is fresher, the house is bigger and at least 50 lbs off my body 😀  When I was at the airport, as usual, I would take some picture to remind myself how wonderful the days without my parents around would be, so here are the pictures I took below

Did you know that there is a huge fish tank with cubes at terminal 1?  Anyways, time to take a nap and get ready for the upcoming parties :p

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BBQ with Aunties (師奶篇 part 2)

Another BBQ and it might be the last in this location because of my FUCKING parents… anyways, didn’t take a lot of pictures cuz I was very busy doing stuffs :p

btw, it was supposed to be a stormy day but look at the sky 😀

I have a few more on facebook and I will add more later when I have time too 😀

After this BBQ, it comes to a conclusion:

– my parents are fucking retards and mean mother fuckers

– they have no respect to anyone (including me) treat people like shit and think they are the top of the world

– they even pissed off the aunties (師奶) even tho some are about the same ages as my parents

– they don’t appreciate anything that people do for them and only appreciate the things they do themselves

Everything above was the things I have told people for years, and no one believed it until this BBQ.  Now I feel so relief because people had finally saw it with their own eyes and agreed with me.  I was even told by a few that my parents are helpless, don’t deserve to be loved and should just leave them alone.  Now I can just go back to my old self, don’t eat their crappy meals and do whatever I want 😀  I am sure I will get a lot more comment after people read this, anyhow, I really have to thank the aunties (Mary, Estella, Corolla, Joyce, Surina and a few others) for the comments and phone calls 🙂  Now the next step is for my relatives to believe (it is hard to believe my relatives have known my parents for ages and they still dont agree with me)  Anyways, like I care at this moment :p

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My Dad’s Birthday + misc. stuffs

In the afternoon, me and Treycie went to Pacific Mall/Market Village. I had to get one of my lighters fixed because I accidentally dropped it from the 2nd floor to the ground floor and it was a gift from a friend 🙁 there after Treycie and I bought some stuffs + camera covers (which is in one of the pictures below) from “Once Better Living” if you know what it is :p Then after, we had a very nice dinner at a Chinese Restaurant for my dad’s Birthday and we had our cake at home. I DO think that was my dad’s first time having a Birthday cake in his life but I wouldn’t go find out anyways, hehe :p

I didn’t have time to upload pictures and stuff yesterday, so I also include some pictures we took today afternoon before King left Toronto. If you want to see more, I have more pictures on my Facebook

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After last night

After picking up King last night, we all ended up going to bed at around 4 in the morning. We all woke up late but I woke up at about 11 today, showered and everything, then headed out to a Chinese restaurant for lunch with them. As you can see in these pictures, we all looked pretty tired :p

of course, chili sauce is a must for me :p Anyways, we finished this big lunch at around 3, then we headed to Pacific mall. We walked and walked, shopped and shopped, I got a lighter, Treycie got a pair of shoes, King got some DVDs and Rita was the big winner, she got soo many things that King and Elaine had to carry them for her.

On our way home at around 6, they were soo tired and fell asleep in my car :p

Oh and you know what, in their trip to NYC, they bought some dolls and I took a picture of them and name this picture “Disney Porn” :p

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