O Mei

Although I had not been going to cooking lessons for a while, I am still very connected with my Aunties (cooking class classmates).  Joyce and Debbie are 2 of my top favorite aunties, so of course I would have to organized a dinner gathering to celebrate their birthday this week.  O Mei, located on 420 Hw# 7 Richmond Hill, just right at the MacDonald’s plaza.  A restaurant that has been around for a long long while, I have heard a lot of good words about their dinner varieties especially their lobsters dishes but never experienced it, so I thought I should definitely give this a try.

There was no doubt that the first thing we ordered was a 9+ lbs lobster/5 (龍蝦五吃), Chicken with 2 tastes (鳳雙飛), Taiwanese oyster (台式生蠔) and some misc. dishes.  It was totally a weight gaining experience because everything tasted and looked so good so I just kept on stuffing myself :p  Plus, because Debbie and Christine know the manager, we got soo many varieties of dessert for free…  At the very end, we cleaned out everything on the table, stuffed ourselves with a few pounds heavier belly and left the restaurant with a big smile on our faces 😀  2 big thumbs up!!!  Definitely a Chinese restaurant to consider if you are looking for a good Chinese diner even on weekdays if you know what I mean 🙂

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